Summer vacation - In-flight entertainment

Summer vacation begins-in-flight entertainment

Summer vacation - In-flight entertainmentSo summer has rolled by, and we (me + The Husband + Munchkins A and M) are on a flight to Orlando, Florida….  Because what could be better than visiting Mickey and pals in sultry (read: burning) 40 degree weather, half chasing, half dragging the munchkins miles and miles from ride to ride and of course, patiently queuing up with thousands of other families at each one? Hmmmm…. I can think of a fair number of options but won’t. Because now that we are on our way, I’m committed to making this an iconic, memorable trip. The memory of which should last atleast 5 years- till we may have to do it again!

But I must admit; traveling has become so much easier in the 2 years since our last long, trans-Pacific journey. Now Ansh is 7 and Manya is almost 6. So there have been no toilet emergencies (liquid or solid), no health emergencies (read projectile vomit), no mid-aisle crankiness due to sleep deprivation (read dramatic, ear piercing meltdowns) and just LOTS of in flight entertainment and excited gushing!! So far, that is… we have 3 more hours left to touch down! And as every mom knows, never say never!

I do have to share what happened on the earlier long haul flight. I made the munchkins change into matching personalized Pj’s, from our new call out collection right when they had finished an early dinner after watching hundreds of minutes of cartoons. Ansh’s said “Mummy’s munchkin” and Manya’s said “Daddy’s munchkin”. Of course, a HUGE hit with the cabin crew who cooed away as the Munchkins smiled cheek to cheek. Naturally, Manya made sure to tell them, “My Mum made these for us. She makes special organic cotton clothes for children.” Awwwww….. That’s when I smiled cheek to cheek! What a charming brand ambassador!

Actually, jest aside, this is a great technique to get over excited kids to get some shut eye on long flights… once you make them stop staring at the in flight screen long enough to go to the loo and change into pajamas, they automatically return more relaxed, closer to ‘sleep mode’. A friend told me to try it, and I have to say it def worked great for me. I would ike to add a footnote: they were so comfortable, waking and getting them changed back when the plane was ready to land was a battle I didn’t expect!

Oops! Manya just spilled her juice all over herself! Sigh. I’ll write again soon!

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