Swaddling- how to help baby sleep for longer

Swaddling is an enduring, age-old practice uncountable generations of our mothers have relied on. It is simply the art of snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket for warmth and security. It is not just anecdotal, scientific research too confirms that swaddling is one of the gentlest and most effective practices for babies.

The reason swaddling is so effective is because it mimics your womb and hence, helps calm and settle baby. I’m sure you all remember the startle reflex of your newborn- swaddling helps reduce this, allowing them longer spells of sleep. More sleep? Great for baby and much needed for exhausted mums!! Equally importantly, regardless of whether the nursery is at the ideal temperature or not, swaddling keeps babies snugly warm for the first few days of life until their internal thermostats kicks in.

Muslin is the most recommended fabric for swaddling as it is very finely woven fabric, allowing it to stretch snugly without being too constricting to babies. It also allows adequate air to circulate around baby’s body and ages very well, becoming softer with every wash!

Our 3 piece swaddle sets are a great way to start your swaddling journey. Use them in the initial months exclusively for swaddling, and then you will be surprised how they will continue to be an essential part of your baby’s closet. Use them as a nursing cover up, comfortable liner for the Moses basket/ cot, lining for the changing mat or even as a sunshade over the stroller! This versatile square piece of fabric will be one of your best investments!

For mums who seem a bit frightened at the idea of bundling up their tiny babes in a huge engulfing piece of fabric, fear not! It is actually a lot easier and intuitive than one would think. Please find pictorial step by step guide (there are only 3 steps) below. Honestly, after the first 2-3 sessions, literally every mum I have spoken to, has gotten the hang of it! After the first few weeks, I could do a nappy and swaddle change literally in my sleep!

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