Why should you try using cloth nappies

Most mommies are traumatized at the idea of using cloth nappies instead of conventional disposable diapers. We are not suggesting go the whole 360 and completely stop disposables- but substituting cloth for some part of the day may be much easier and better than you think! Not only is it not that much more work, the cloth will allow baby’s bottom to breathe a lot more, leaving baby more comfortable and possibly preventing nasty rashes!

There are a few standard myths that need to be clarified:

  1. "Cloth nappies are really difficult to use"

Today’s cloth nappies, like our reusable nappies, are in exactly the same shape as disposables and come with Velcro fasteners. So there is no need to fold it and attempt to poke a safety pin through the middle of your wiggling baby. Ours are made of the softest organic cotton, and the absorbing bit is made of layers of the finest organic muslin. So they are as easy to use, and oh-so-soft to the touch!

  1. “Cleaning cloth nappies is a lot of hard work”

If you can wash a napkin, you can wash a nappy. And then there’s the ever dependable washing machine. It’s up to you whether you just fling them in the nappy bucket, or whether you rinse them out first… pick whichever suits you best. Put them in the washing machine at 60 degrees. That’s it! The hardest thing is to get into a routine - many people simply alternate clothes washes with nappy washes.

  1. “Disposable nappies are much more comfortable”

Anecdotal evidence only, but children who wear both real nappies and disposables, and who are old enough to express an opinion, often prefer to wear cloth. This makes a lot of sense, when you consider how scratchy it must be to wear what feels like paper next to your skin. Hence, the need for application of creams and lotions to protect their bottoms at every change. And on the other hand, since the cloth allows full ventilation, most children in cloth have no need of cream etc at all, except maybe at trigger periods such as during teething.

  1. “Toilet Training is slowed down with cloth”

Children in real nappies do toilet train on average around six months earlier than their peers in disposables (and than they would in disposables). There is a very simple reason for this: a child in real nappies knows when they are wet, and so makes the connection between bladder release and a wet nappy. It is this which is the vital first step in toilet training.

  1. “There is more environment damage due to the extra water and detergents used to clean cloth nappies”

The latest trend by disposables manufacturers is to try and play down or even deny the environmental difference between their products and real nappies. Yes, you do bear slightly more of the environmental cost yourself if using real nappies, in terms of water and detergent, but this is a drop in the ocean compared to the environmental costs saved at the point of production. It is overall cost to the planet that you need to consider, regardless of what the advertising suggests.

Overall, though I will be the first to agree that disposables are much more convenient, research all suggests that cloth is simply better. So it may be time to introduce a few hours of cloth time into your lil one’s schedule… who knows, you may like them so much, you may swap over completely? For those of you who are reading this with skepticism, trust me! I’ve spoken to so many mums who have tried our re-usable cloth nappies and after a few weeks, written to me saying how much they love using them!

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